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Re: Pedal Identification - Chris Duarte

11/21/1999 10:59 PM
Bob Predaina
Re: Pedal Identification - Chris Duarte
looking at the box to the right of the roger mayer box, i think that it really does have a swirly paint scheme. to me it looks like it has a couple of chrome knobs, one at each of its two lower corners - the kind of chrome knobs you'd find on a p-bass or the dunlop UV-1 univibe, which is in a silver box that is alot smaller. that triangle logo thing does look like a univibe faceplate upside-down.  
the mystery pedal is catching some stage light or maybe some flash, and reflecting it off of a monster cable that is coming out of the mayer, arching up, and coming back down into the mystery pedal. i don't think that it has lights in it.  
one person thought that he spied a boss PSM5 power supply. i'm not sure about which pedal he was talking about, the one right by the mayer pedal, or something just past the boss DS-1.  
interestingly, the mystery pedal to the right of the mayer pedal does seem to have alot of little wires running to it, so it could well be a power supply. if so, it looks like an effect like the dunlop univibe UV-1 could be co-habitating in a big hammond case with a custom made power supply.  
but then again, it could be a tuner with a big dial on it. who knows.