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Re: Pedal Identification - Chris Duarte

11/21/1999 4:31 AM
Bob Predaina
Re: Pedal Identification - Chris Duarte
thanks for the tip about counting knobs. that really helped alot.  
after alot of squinting the light bulb finally went on over my head -- i ran the photo through an image processing program and brightened up the photo and twiddled with the contrast. i've posted the enhanced images at just in case you want to take a peek.  
i've looked around at various catalogs and i'm pretty sure that this is the effects lineup, moving from foreground to background:  
1) danelectro DanEcho  
2) ross flanger  
3) mutron micro v  
4) roger mayer octavia  
5) boss DD-3 or DD-5 delay. dunno which.  
6) boss CE-2 chorus (2 knobs)  
7) boss DS-1 distortion  
the pedal with the swirly paint that plugs into the octavia remains a mystery. i've read that duarte uses a fulltone deja vibe, but that doesn't look like what's in the photo.  
thanks again for your help.  

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