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Re: Real Tube™ / BK Butler connection? (sorry, long one)

11/21/1999 1:59 AM
Re: Real Tube™ / BK Butler connection? (sorry, long one)
>JC: this schem works on either 9 or 12V (I run mine on 12 - sounds better in that circuit), that includes the tube. DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR THAT! Carefully probe around with a DMM to verify!  
Just measured 13v coming out the transformer into the valve. I guess after the diode rectifier bridge if any, that would be about... 9-10v?  
>You might want to decrease gain on the second opamp stage for less distortion,  
With the replacement12AU7 on, it is not too much distortion generated by the unit, really.  
>fool around with the eq section (are you aware of the great Tone Control Simulator?), etc.  
I'm affraid I'm not; what is it about the Tone Control Simulator? is there any web url about it?  
>Where do you want to go, sonically?  
I don't really know:) (thank you, Mark)  
I'm quite happy for the moment.  
I was just wondering if a wellknown and tested mod, like the replacement of the 12AX7 for a 12AU7 would improve this effect that much as the new valve did (I think it should be called and used as preamp or alternate channel. I'm thinking in adding an ABC (Geo's?) box to avoid moding the unit to true bypass, and use it to change from the wild Orange channel to the ultrawild RealTube-to-Orange channel to the extraultrawild RAT-to-SBIII-to-RealTube-to-Orange channel (Y imput cable on the RealTube imput jack, for the third option)  
Uau! I have to try the third one, along with lots of hum and hiss, the sound must be something to be remembered in the future for a long time, in my quiet neighborhood, as THAT DAY.  
BTW, I opened my Orange amp's case today, and found with great surprise that the natural sound from this amp comes out when used on the "bright" (quite bright!) channel (unfiltered), not from the "normal" channel, that has at least a resistor and a cap for filtering the imput sound.  
Those are not real separate channels actually, just different imput jacks with the little filtering mentioned above, in one of them.  
>Oh, and if the unit is built for 115V, don't try using it on 220 (actually that's more like 230V in most of Europe) if the unit does not support it - you know, voltage selector on the back or something.  
Actually, I bought it used, and factory ready (Mouser's transformer) to be used in Europe or anywhere else where 220/230v are used.  
There's no visible #part on the transformer... so... if it is, as you mention, a 230v model, and it puts out 13v when used on a 220v line as we have in Spain, maybe it's working slightly undervoltage.  

Mike Burgundy Re: Real Tube™ / tone control sim -- 11/21/1999 1:20 PM