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Re: Real Tube™ / BK Butler connection?

11/20/1999 1:08 PM
Mike Burgundy
Re: Real Tube™ / BK Butler connection?
...and that's the schem I have ;p. Funnily enough, the patent schem whops out a hefty hard rock/metal distortion. I didn't get around to building the "real" one. AS far as I know there are little differences between the Chandler (?) Tube Driver and the Real tube old style, but don't start shooting if that ain't true.  
JC: this schem works on either 9 or 12V (I run mine on 12 - sounds better in that circuit), that includes the tube. DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR THAT! Carefully probe around with a DMM to verify!  
You might want to decrease gain on the second opamp stage for less distortion, fool around with the eq section (are you aware of the great Tone Control Simulator?), etc. Where do you want to go, sonically?  
Oh, and if the unit is built for 115V, don't try using it on 220 (actually that's more like 230V in most of Europe) if the unit does not support it - you know, voltage selector on the back or something. Where in Europe are you?

JC Re: Real Tube™ / BK Butler connection? (sorry, long one) -- 11/21/1999 1:59 AM