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Re: Real Tube™ / BK Butler connection?

11/19/1999 11:52 PM
Re: Real Tube™ / BK Butler connection?
This is it:  
Real Tube Overdrive™  
Concept&Design: B.K.Butler  
Made in USA  
Tube Works  
Black metal box (new reissue RAT's stile)  
All texts on yellow.  
2 leds: red, and green  
knobs: output, drive, Hi, Mid, Lo.  
Came with a 12AX7 tube with the word/logo "REAL" printed on it.  
Inside there's a transformer for the power supply (Mouser),  
220v to ?-I didn't measure it as I wanted to play with it strait away- (We currently use 220v in Europe)