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Re: Real Tube™

11/19/1999 5:34 PM
Re: Real Tube™
No, I don't have a schem, but I'll try to ask for one.  
(it comes with melting glue?(sp?) all over the components to keep them in place I guess.)  
The "problem" is that although the circuit seams quite simple: a tube, a couple of transistors (that could be maybe fets for the bypass), couple of opamps and the other small parts, it appears complicated to me, as there is no DTDP stomp switch, just a ...(can't remember the word...) and it shows led red or green!!, depending if the circuit is ON or bypassed.  
I'll try to get a schem from B.K.Buttler themselves.  
pd: the "effect" (preamp, really) appears to be quite usefull, and the way of powering it (plugged direct to the mains) is really cool.  
I think the use of a 12AU7 is a must. The sound seams to me to be more "bluesy". I'll try it again with the stock 12AX7 one of this days, when I get used to the actual sound.  

Mike Burgundy Re: Real Tube™ / BK Butler connection? -- 11/19/1999 8:49 PM