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BBE Maximizers: why?

11/18/1999 4:03 PM
BBE Maximizers: why?
I am quite curious as to the actual benefits of these delays, and could not immediately understand why a phase shift could affect the perceived sound. My thoughts to this point:  
A constant phase shift will only have a readily observable effect if the composite sinusiodal input signals demonstrate coherency - that is, that there is a constant phase relationship between the different harmonics. From my limited experience, the harmonics of an unadulterated guitar signal vary drastically from moment to moment in phase relationship to the fundamental, and frequency.  
The harmonics generated from a clipping section with a single sinusoidal input do have a definite phase relationship with the input. As the fundamental will predominate in the input signal, the harmonics generated will be mostly multiples of this. As the natural harmonics vary so widely with phase and frequency and will be (to some extent) suppressed by the clipping section, they will tend on average to have a negligible effect on the phase and magnitude of the generated harmonics.  
It would seem that the purpose of the maximizer is to minimize the the dynamic range of the signal and to limit its maximum slew rate while still maintaining the correct spectral content of the signal. This would make sense if the harmonics of the input signal were coherent with the fundamental - as would be the case with the output from a clipping section. In this case, the sharp vertical and edges obtained from significant overdrive of a clipping section would be smoothed (thereby lowering maximum required slew rate), and the dynamic range limited by removing any asymmetries in the signal (by dispersing the phase of the harmonics and thereby making the signal more symmetrical).  
So at the end of the day, the maximizer would serve to give more apparent headroom.  

GFR Here's BBE explanation:... -- 11/18/1999 5:49 PM