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Re: Help me fix Boss BF-2 and DM-3

11/15/1999 4:02 PM
Re: Help me fix Boss BF-2 and DM-3
Sorry. That's Boss' nomenclature - apparently the ACA adapters were used on older modulation and delay effects. They supposedly supplied more than 9V to the circuit, and these pedals sounded better with the extra juice. PSA-model adapters supply a steady 9V to the circuit, and all new Boss pedals are specced with it. So an older CS-3 compressor may use an ACA adapter, while a brand new one will use a PSA. It's all a big mess, really.  
One aspect of Voodoo Labs' marketing of their PEdal Power unit is the ability to juice both ACA and PSA Boss effects. I use a Signalflex power unit that only puts out 9V, but my older Boss effects seem to work fine, except for the problems which developed as I described above.  
I don't think that using a normal 9V supply should damage the effects - maybe not run them at their full sonic potential, but damage? I've just been a little wary since both my older Boss pedals have developed problems that I wouldn't relate to the power supply used, but still...  

Jay Doyle Frank,This may be a... -- 11/15/1999 4:24 PM