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Re: Help me fix Boss BF-2 and DM-3

11/15/1999 2:02 PM
Re: Help me fix Boss BF-2 and DM-3
Hi Mark  
Thanks for the help. The flanger is now working normally again. The trimpot needed quite a bit of adjustment to make the oscillations go away - odd, since I enver messed with it before. Oh well.  
I quickly opened up the delay again last night, and man can Boss cram a lot of components onto a little board! There are three trimpots - one is clock, one is bias and the third one's tag eludes me. It may be cancel, I'm not sure. I'll play with them a little tonight and see if I can affect the overtone if not make it go away. I'll report back here after.  
Finally, I didn't expect there to be anything really special about Boss AC adapters, I was just a little concerned that both by ACA-special-voltage-needed effects had developed some sort of problem after being powered by a non-ACA adapter for a period of time. It doesn't make sense to me that an effect should operate fine off a 9V battery but need different wall wart power. Is there a simple sort of mod to turn an ACA effect into a PSA effect? Damn Boss...  

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