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Re: Ibanez Overdrive II - New schematic

11/10/1999 7:08 PM
Re: Ibanez Overdrive II - New schematic
From one Layout user to another.... STAY WITH 7.1!!! I have used all previous versions of Layout Plus, and I have found that all version 9 Layout packages I have used are complete crap IMHO, to the point I wouldn't trust my job to them. I use 7.10 and it meets my needs.  
However, I haven't used Capture 9, although I had a copy. Is it any good?  
Finally, don't get too comfy with Layout- OrCAD has been bought by Cadence and I bet they will dump Layout 9 as they cannot get it to work right.

CJ Landry I like Capture 9. There are featur... -- 11/10/1999 7:33 PM