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Re: Anyone looked inside a BBE Maximizer?

10/31/1999 1:31 PM
Re: Anyone looked inside a BBE Maximizer?
I have one in my rack that I run most stuff through for recording. It has a very slight effect, but it DOES have an effect. The way I understand it, and I may be wrong---this is what I was told--is that it shifts higher freqencies slightly forward to make them stand out in a mix. (And wouldn't that actually be DELAYING lower frequencies...since you can't shift something ahead of when it happens?) This is opposed to an Aphex Aural Exciter, which adds harmonics(and distortion?) to do it's thing. A lot of people, I guess, assume they did the same thing.  
If that is true, I wondered, why would one want to run a PA mix through one of these things, since the highs beam out faster,(and ahead already ,slightly) than the lows anyway?  

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