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10/29/1999 7:33 PM
Jim S.
To answer your question:  
Unless you are using a pedal in such a way as to push the amp's power section (and speakers) WELL past the usual saturation levels (that normally occur when playing the amp loud without using a pedal), it's very unlikely damage would result. The tube gain stages within the amp's preamp section can certainly be induced to generate 100% distorted, sharp-cornered square wave signals, but, in general, they are very forgiving of hot, multi-volt input signals. Of course, in a blues jam situation, a guitar player using a pedal is probably going to be asked to turn down the volume well before output section or speaker damage starts to occur. ON the contrary, typically guitarists often turn the gain control on their overdrive pedal too high up, resulting in an overly compressed signal going into the amp that actually might cause the amp work LESS hard, not harder.  
Of course, none of these considerations are likely to have any influence whatsoever on this blues jam host. It sounds like the real issue is that he has a religious objection to guitarists using pedals of any kind for any purpose. I can understand what a bummer this might be for some jammers -- when you don't have any control over what amp you have to use, and volume restrictions prevent you from turning it up loud enough to get the tone and sustain you desire for your style of playing, a pedal can really make a difference. It's no fun if you can't turn the volume beyond 3 and a half on somebody's Super Reverb and you're trying to play a burning blues/rock solo.  
I agree with the previous post -- see if you can bring your own amp. Either that, or find a different jam to go to.

R.G. q{I agree with the previous post --... -- 10/29/1999 8:04 PM