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Re: JRC parts in DMI CabTone

10/29/1999 4:06 PM
John Greene
Re: JRC parts in DMI CabTone
I have two data 'books', if you will. The first is a 1993 Bipolar IC Databook I got from a local rep in 1994. They are no longer a rep though. The second is a '97-'99 CD rom that I had sent to me by calling them directly. I talked to the head of US distribution a number of times on the history of the JRC4558.  
They have a webpage  
Anyway, to answer your questions, they make a NJM324 and the 4558 is said to be the same as a 741 with more gain and better parameter matching.  
I can Email you the data sheets in PDF format if you would like.  

Dave James John,The website lo... -- 10/29/1999 5:25 PM