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Re: Just built a Z. Vex SHO copy

10/23/1999 11:40 PM
Re: Just built a Z. Vex SHO copy
Many of the boutique makers are using circuits that they reverse engineered (or found on the net) to make their pedals. just making a few minor changes or using good quality components doesn't mean dick. they would not have had a point to start from without copying some previous circuit, but cry "foul!" when someone posts a schematic of their changes. not logical, just hypocritical. i have much more respect (and appreciation) for Aron or GEO or AMZ where their hard work and education material is posted freely for all to see.  
z.vex has original ideas and i agree with not posting his designs which have been traced. just a courtesy, although i doubt it has cost him a single dollar in sales. so don't worry about it Jim S.