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Re: Just built a Z. Vex SHO copy

10/22/1999 3:11 PM
Jim S.
Re: Just built a Z. Vex SHO copy
I am REALLY regretting creating this post.  
My go out to apologies to Z. Vex and his friends or anyone else that might have been offended.  
My intention was to build something for fun, not to impinge on the livelihood of someone else. The pedal I build for myself is an ugly, unpainted cast aluminum project box containing a circuit mounted on a Radio Shack IC perf. board that was cut in half. It definitely lacks the aura of a real SHO both inside and outside.  
One thing's for sure, if I decide to own a Seek Wah, I'll just go out and buy one!

Rob I am glad you created this post. P... -- 10/23/1999 11:25 PM