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Re: D.I.Y. Pedal Boxes

10/17/1999 2:56 PM
Re: D.I.Y. Pedal Boxes
JD, I'll warn you about fur-covered boxes! They're much harder to make than you think! The real problem is the upholstery. You have to make the "cover" the right size and shape and then pull it tight. It's easier with fur (a little) than with Tolex, but it's the same idea.  
Steel conduit boxes: Pros: Cheap, available anywhere in a range of sizes, most have several convinient pilot holes punched, strong. Cons: Won't take paint, pain in ass to drill, hard to find 'em with solid ends (a must for mounting jacks in end panel) heavy (pain to ship.)  
1590BB: Pros: Easy to machine, takes paint well, perfect size for many projects, durable. Cons: somewhat expensive, can't buy one at 2:00 on a Sunday when the urge takes you, plus they don't exude that "home-built" vibe...  
I like the Hammond boxes a lot. I just can't afford them. My Sweet Cheetah takes two Carling 316PP footswitches. There goes my profit margin :( So dropping another 8 bucks on a box would mean I'd have to raise my price. Who wants to spend x amount of $ on a pedal you never heard of when I can spend the same amount and get something I've read about in GP? It's a hard business, esp. with Boss and Danelectro making shit in Taiwan and selling it for nothin'!  

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