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McTube report

10/11/1999 11:05 PM
Steve M.
McTube report
Other tube projects include the McTube (Aron Nelson has  
the original article up, I have a redrawn schem thatīs  
somewhat easier to read), though I have no idea what that  
sounds like (anyone?)
I built this project a while back using a different transformer. I had one that I got from Allied that is 125v@15mA, and has a filamanet winding rated at 6.3v@600mA. I've got about 198v on the first plate and about 150 (?) on the second, so bear that in mind. All other component values are the ones specified in the schematic. I did use metal film resistors, that may be a factor too.  
It sounds a bit fuzzy and fizzy on the top end and kinda flabby on the low end. It sounds better with the gain backed off a bit, all the way up is too fuzzy for my tastes. Also it sound goods with the master all the way up and the gain setting the level for an nice clean sound.  
I've tried it through an old Motorola PP 6V6 amp, which sounded pretty good, and I've tried it through a breadboarded 6BX7 PP amp that also sounded pretty nice. It didn't sound good through my MosValve amp though (wonder why? :)  
Any wayt it was a worthwile project, I rate it a tad higher than the tube driver (I've owned several different models). I also built it on an eyelet board a la Fender. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to shoehorn it into a stompbox casing :)  

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