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Re: Easy DIY real tube overdrive?

10/8/1999 6:48 PM
Mike Burgundy
Re: Easy DIY real tube overdrive?
The hotbox is fa-bu-lous, but being scared of high DC voltage is a good thing.  
Read RGīs articles, and everything else you can find on the how-to bits of tube electronics. Read īem again. If you do not feel at ease going in, donīt, build other stuff to gain experience. If you do feel confident, never go in with the unit plugged in, always drain the powercaps, ALWAYS use an alligator clamp for one DMMlead (ground), stick one hand in your back pocket, measure with the other.  
Remember, DC is a lot worse on the human body than AC, and 260V is potentially very absolutely lethal.  
But, as long as you keep your wits, take care, and stick to the rules, those high voltages might also be very rewarding tonewise...  
Other tube projects include the McTube (Aron Nelson has the original article up, I have a redrawn schem thatīs somewhat easier to read), though I have no idea what that sounds like (anyone?) and for low-voltages the Tube Driver, but thatīs more of a one-good-sound heavy distortion thing.  
Iīm sure the Ampagers could talk you through....  
PS; anyone got the schem on a Dirtbox? I KNOW itīs the same as the hotboxī gain channel, but it has an unconventional 3-band eq instead of 2, and thatīs the bit I want to know.

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