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Re: sub-mini tube effects?

10/5/1999 1:02 PM
Re: sub-mini tube effects?
Hi, folks. A little more on the 6CW4 Nuvistors; they have a pretty high transconductance for a tube, about 15K if I remember correctly. Their original use was for RF amps. They are sometimes used in audio for high gain low noise phono stuff. I now have a phono preamp using Nuvistors and the sound is almost magic.  
However, they are very microphonic, every one I have used. Flick one with your fingernail and it will ring like a bell. In audio I have had to add damping to every one to fix the ringing. Never tried one for guitar, though. They also seem to want a DC filament supply for low hum.  
Another thing, you can get the 6CW4 in two volt and 13 volt filament versions.

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