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Re: New Prototyping Trick at GEO - Dead Bugging

10/4/1999 5:11 PM
John Greene
Re: New Prototyping Trick at GEO - Dead Bugging
I've done it that way in addition to one other way. I make a 'structure' that is supported by all the components that connect to ground. I use a piece of copperclad board for the surface which doubles as the ground. IC chips are mounted upsided down, as you have described, held in place by the ground pin and the bypass cap on the power pin. All other components, caps, resistors, etc. that have one connection to ground are mounted vertically, all others are horizontal. For small circuits, it works fairly well and is quick-n-dirty. For those who are as impatient as I am.  
For prototyping this works really well because changes are fairly easy to make. If you glue everything down, it's a little more difficult. If it's worth keeping, I would rebuild it using perfboard or make a pc board for it.  

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