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Re: Name this pedal!?!?!?!

10/4/1999 1:10 PM
Don Symes
Re: Name this pedal!?!?!?!
With the understanding that I may well be blowing smoke:  
Q2 buffers the 3080's output, both to the pedal output jack and to the _OUTPUT_ amplitude detector (Q3 & Q4). Both of these pull DOWN on the RC stack that controls the gain-current control (Q5).  
I appears that Q3 may be (or control) the noise-gate function. A rising voltage at the RC junction would appear to increase the gain in the 3080 by making Q5 pass more current.  
Dinking with the RC stack values and the gains of Q3 & Q4 would chnage the time contant(s).  
Hope this is useful.

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