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Vox Valvetone is going pop pop

9/27/1999 6:41 PM
Vox Valvetone is going pop pop
Hi - My Vox Valvetone is making a considerable popping noise whenever I turn it on or off, particularly when it hasn't been on for a while. AFter a few stomps, it stops (or quiets down, anyway), but it's still annoying. Sounds to me like a cap is discharging as I turn the pedal on and off, but I'm not sure. Is there anything I can do to stop this? A simple fix of some sort? Thanks  

R.G. In order of likelihood, I'd look at... -- 9/30/1999 4:54 PM
Gus The switch in the valve tone is jus... -- 10/4/1999 2:46 PM