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Re: Sweetest pedal..

9/9/1999 12:44 PM
Re: Sweetest pedal..
Like Aron, I'm not sure what you mean, *but* if what you mean is an overdrive that sounds like your guitar and amp instead of an overdrive pedal, I'm not sure anything really works except an overdriven amp. The closest thing I've found to a truly transparent overdrive is actually a Fulltone '69 pedal with the "fuzz" knob turned down about halfway, or at least as low as 3:00 with the volume knob on the guitar rolled back to 7 or so. It sounds best (ie, most like the guitar itself) to my (yes getting older) ears with the internal trimpot turned just a little bassier than out of the box. It's by no means specifically an overdrive pedal, but I think that's why it works so well, it doesn't cause the midrange bump or metallic treble sound that overdrives tend to.  

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