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Re: Pedal Power Connector Standardization

9/3/1999 12:11 AM
JCRe: Pedal Power Connector Standardization
Dean, I will get down in the amen corner with you all day on this one. The world would be a better place if there was a standard, oh well. Every single one of the pedals on my gig-rig has a different type of DC-in jack, ARRGH!  
When I got a switching power supply and realized its stock cables didn't fit my pedals, I thought and thought about how to fix it (with the help of Ampage, of course), and finally took the 'easy' way out. I got some jacks that fit the power supply and some 9V battery clips and made patch cords. I go straight from the power supply into the pedal's battery input. This required no modification to the pedals, and all the cords are interchangeable (no worries about polarity or jack-type).  
NOTE: If you do this, double-check your polarity before plugging in. As you might have guessed, since the two battery clips are connected +/- and -/+, you have to reverse polarity at some point to compensate (dumb but easy mistake to make).  
Best of luck.