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Re: MXR Dist+

9/1/1999 12:43 AM
Re: MXR Dist+
Mark, they are loud enough, but they don't sound any good.  
Somekind of too primitive, noisy, unrefined...  
I built one a month ago, when I got an original from a frien to be repaired. Them both sound as bad (to me)  
I used Ge, as the original had them too I believe.  
I now only use, among some other real vintage, Shaka Bradda (very very very slightly modified and adjusted to my taste following Aron indications) and a homebrew ProCo Rat. There's also at the end of the chain a phaser with all the opamps (4) JRC4550 old good ones :) and an Ibanez Double Sound fuzzwah at the begining.  
I know you don't *need* my opinion at all, but just to say I don't like D+... Compared with the other two: SB III and ProCo Rat.  

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