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what's a T-wah?

8/27/1999 12:24 AM
what's a T-wah?
Hey guys, maybe someone can help me out here.  
A friend of mine had an envelope filter called a 'T-Wah', which got stolen. He's asked me to make him a replacement. Problem is, I've never heard of a T-wah. Does anyone have any info on this, and even a schematic? Otherwise, what is a general feeling on what's a good env filter to make?  
On another matter, I just made myself a phase 90 - type phaser, and the LFO is quite audible in the signal. I used a dual opamp for the LFO and first audio section, so is this creating interference, or would it be something else like pcb layout?  
Oh yeah, one more thing, I made a dyna-comp from the schematic on R.G.'s site, but I don't know what the controls are supposed to do. the volume is obvious, but what's the 2k pot for? I guess the 500k is compression.  
Thanks for the input,  

Mark Hammer The T-Wah is an older BOSS unit tha... -- 8/27/1999 2:03 AM