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You rang, sir?

8/25/1999 6:48 PM
Mark HammerYou rang, sir?
What can ya do with a controllable bandpass filter?  
How about a "rebound" wah that reverts to the initial control voltage: make it go "wah" and it answers with an "ow", make it go "ow" and it answers with a "wah". Kind of like a marriage between an autowah and a standard foot-operated unit; you tell it where to go then it automatically misbehaves. You'd need some kind of sample/hold feature to keep the initial position in a kind of analog memory for comparator purposes.  
While we're talking about sample and hold, my little Korg Pandora has a nifty little patch called "aqua" which is essentially a mediocre attempt to get a sample/hold filter sound. How about a random CV driven filter whose general range is set by footpedal position? (i.e., median frequency). The sound would be tantamount to singing through the straw in your soda pop, while somebody else mikes it and runs it through a Heil Talk Box. Fun enough?  
A dual wah/anti-wah that tracks well is another possibility. Given the lack of a decent source of good dual ganged pots for double wah purposes, any kind of voltage-controlled unit would permit a single decent reliable pot to control more than one wah module. CV inversion would get you "anti-wah" functions (one goes up while the other goes down), and CV mixing would let you easily stagger two modules to complement the desired tone or get special effects (e.g., simulate a phaser).  
Okay, last one then I go back to work. CV-controlled filters can be used with trigger delays to stagger the sweep in time. Wouldn't an octave down box sound amazing if the octave below and above were both autowahed a little out of sync? We're talking mucho thickness here; something that should come with a medical warning for those whose past includes a bit too much recreational pharmaceutical use. Bootsy, your pedal is calling!  
While I'm thinking of this, anyone out there ever play with an EH Queen Triggered Wah? An old ad I saw recently (hope you liked the memorabilia, RG) got me thinking about it. This puppy had all sorts of quirks, bells, and whistles.

R.G. Hah! I knew I could count on you!... -- 8/25/1999 7:01 PM