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Re: Super Tube Screamer - Chip choices

8/23/1999 1:48 PM
Mark HammerRe: Super Tube Screamer - Chip choices
Thanks for the corroboration. The question still lingers in my mind, however, if you were going to select the ideal single op-amp to use for the clipping stage (assuming JRC's, etc. were not available, or that one wanted to use lower noise chips for any other stages) what commercially available single op-amp would be an appropriate sub? Since we have devoted so much time and space to discourse about appropriately selected duals, we may have gotten distracted and ignored a desirable single that is right under our noses, cheaper, more easily available, and in more reliable supply. I could easily be wrong, and it obviously is no help to folks who want to improve an existing unit from the TS-x series (which clearly DEMANDS a dual package), but hey, its worth a try.

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