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Re: Super Tube Screamer - Chip choices

8/20/1999 9:55 PM
John Greene
Re: Super Tube Screamer - Chip choices
Personally, I think the only place the 'magic' chip makes any difference is in the clipping stage. The JRC4558 isn't the lowest noise device and you would probably be better off using some other low-noise opamp for the rest in the circuit.  
I base this on tests I've done with a SD-9 that had a JRC4558 inside which I changed to a low-noise opamp and it didn't sound any different. A little quieter, maybe. The 4558 then went immediately into a TS-9. :)  
All your observations are correct as far as I can tell.  
BTW, the SD-9 really only needs one opamp. They use the second in the package as a buffer in much the same way as the STS.

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