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previous: nic I am asking this since the archives... -- 8/15/1999 12:33 AM View Thread

Re: I have asked this a million times but again

8/15/1999 1:12 PM
Re: I have asked this a million times but again
I use the free Easytrax software from Protel. In terms of how you use it, it's like paper drawings on steriods. No autorouting (well, not worth using) and no fancy autoplace features, no netlist entry or schematic capture. Just the ability to easily move things around and reduce that to copper layers.  
A word about autorouters. The common wisdom in the industry is that for analog circuits, autorouters are at best no good, and at worst downright obstructive. A human can do better analog layout than any computer these days. That may change once they start applying enough effort, much like chess playing did, but for now, a human mind is the best analog router.

paul perry R.G. is right about autorouters... ... -- 8/16/1999 1:41 PM