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Re: Crybaby GCB-95 buffer ?

8/11/1999 5:05 PM
Re: Crybaby GCB-95 buffer ?
"I'll post other questions about the Colorsound Tonebender clipping section and the EH Small Stone strange-feedback-loop-in-the-phase-stage" soon"
One of those is pretty easy. Check the "Technology of Phasers and Flangers" at GEO" target="_blank">">GEO for a description of how that works. It's not really a feedback loop, but rather a fixed-C, variable R network like other phasers, just *very* weirdly executed. The OTA is the variable R, the capacitive current and the variable-R current add at the current-source output of the OTA.  
What's your question on the CS TB clipping stage?

Arnaud Wait a minute, I roll up my sleeves... -- 8/11/1999 5:44 PM