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Re: Crybaby GCB-95 buffer ?

8/11/1999 4:41 PM
Re: Crybaby GCB-95 buffer ?
Thank you for your help  
I'll unsolder this 22pf capacitor when I'll have a soldering iron... (that's the good name in english?). My electronic retailer is closed (because of holidays) and will reopen 8/24/99. I only have an enormous 40W soldering iron and I don't want to kill my pedal with this.  
The treble loss in my pedal is not so important. Seems like playing with very old strings (and I tell you once again: ALL the stock Crybaby bypasses sound this way. I really think this darlington buffer is bad in its concept). I also use a Sovtek Big Muff so when I plug both, I really think I'm owning a 62' Strat with the original strings !!! I'll put your (incredible) Millenium bypass into my Big Muff later.  
By the way, this Millenium bypass is really elegant (diode leakage current,really true-bypass). What a great improvement of the Rat bypass. Congratulations !!!  
I'll post other questions about the Colorsound Tonebender clipping section and the EH Small Stone "strange-feedback-loop-in-the-phase-stage" soon. Hope eveybody will like them!  
One last thing: I don't have an oscilloscope and a function generator. Think it would be interesting to measure the REAL input impedance of the darlington buffer at high frequency (about 10kHz). If anyone has the time to do this...

R.G. q{I'll post other questions about t... -- 8/11/1999 5:05 PM