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Crybaby GCB-95 buffer ?

8/10/1999 9:16 AM
Crybaby GCB-95 buffer ?
Hello !  
This is the first time I post a message. I'm a french student so, please, excuse my mistakes...  
I have 2 questions:  
1) On the very interesting Justin Philpott site, I found the GCB-95 but I looked in mine and it seems there is a 2M2 resistor in parallel with the 22pf condensator in the buffer stage. Is this correct ?  
2) Could anyone explain me WHY this #$%! buffer sucks all the treble? I have written some (problably wrong ...) formulas and even at 10kHz, omitting the .01uF cap, the input impedance is 418k. Seems like a quite good buffer . Good enough to keep my treble. So WHY is this buffer so bad??? I think R.G.'s mod with a JFET should work but I want to understand why the stock buffer is not good enough.  
Thank you  
I'd like to thank all those wonderful people who created those excellent sites (GEO,AMZ,...)

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R.G. My amp-tech friend called me one da... -- 8/10/1999 12:34 PM