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Re: BassBalls schematic - seek no more

8/10/1999 4:14 AM
Mark HammerRe: BassBalls schematic - seek no more
The Craig Anderton "Bi-Filter Follower" worked on a similar principle - two dynamic bandpass filters with their centre-frequency staggered apart. The original had the filters relatively colse together to get a thicker sound. I found that making the higher bandpass filter a little higher (about 2 or more octave above the lower filter) could get me phase-shifter-like sounds when the sensitivity was set just right and the effect fed with a slightly compressed signal.  
The extra spacing simulates the multiple discernible peaks of a phaser. Making the gadget hover around threshold would get pick-sensitive sounds that weren't dramatic enough to feel like a touch-wah.  
I mention all of this because the same logic applies to the BB; lowering the uppr filter section (the one with with the smaller cap values) will get you a "thivker" sound, while keeping the filter sections at leats 2 octaves apart can get you phas-ey sounds.