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Designer's book of interest

7/31/1999 4:42 AM
Mark HammerDesigner's book of interest
In the current issue of Vintage Guitar magazine, I came across an ad for a book called "The Stomp Box Cookbook", by a Nicholas Boscareli (or something like that; the print is too damn small for my eyes).  
It purports to have 38 FX designs including: " Soft-knee compressor w/auto-variable attack & decay, stereo vibrato, spring reverb, six 'designer' tremolos, six unique fuzzes, quad parametric EQ", and "a wealth of ingredients to cook up entirely new pedal effects", and over 500 photos & schematics.  
It's published by Guitar Project Books in Colorado, and is apparently in the Second Edition, which implies there was a first.  
Anybody ever heard of this or better yet, seen it?  

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