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PCB's and layouts for Aron Nelson's handiwork

7/30/1999 11:31 PM
PCB's and layouts for Aron Nelson's handiwork
Aron has become a great experimenter, and turned out some fine variations of distortion devices. At his request, I did layouts of some of these, and the results are now available through GEO.  
The Rocket tunable variation of the Fuzz Face, the Shaka Brada 3, and the Minibooster 2 are available now as either PCB's or toner packages. The prices are special as well, at $10.00 for the PCB's and $5 for the toner packages, in keeping with Aron's desire to keep them affordable.  
Also take a look at the Hornet distortion, another one from Aron's page. Click the links at GEO." target="_blank">">GEO.