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Re: TBX again....

6/5/1999 11:27 PM
Steve A.
Re: TBX again....
    It is interesting the different ways salepeople describe what a TBX does! < g >  
    BTW is your volume pot 500k or 250k? There was a long thread between Doc and me awhile back computing the math for a TBX control and my conclusion was that a TBX will load down the signal more than a regular tone control; by using a 500k pot instead of a 250k pot (normally recommended for sc pu's) the resulting load to ground is much less.  
    Thanks for posting your observations! I was "schnookered" by the Torres Advanced Midrange Control for over a year before I finally figured out that it was swallowing up a lot of the signal from my pickups even in the "neutral" position. It's not too easy to make quick A/B tests on a strat, but it just occurred to me that a TBX could be tested outside of the guitar just to see how much it is loading down the signal. I have a spare TBX pot or two that I could wire up one of these days and I'll let you what I find!  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. I assume that you did doublecheck to make sure that the TBX was wired correctly (since it was used).

aron Actually I believe it is wired corr... -- 6/6/1999 2:38 AM