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Fixing a warped/twisted neck

5/9/1999 11:56 AM
Fixing a warped/twisted neck
Here`s the story, I got a cheapo Kay from the 1950`s for free and it is in quite a horrible state, no collector value what so ever here!!! My little project has been to bring the poor thing back to life. I`ve already taken care of most of the cosmetics and electronics, but the neck has a twist in it that doesn`t seem to affect action too bad, but I would really like to get it out. Any suggestions would be appreciated, but these are the rules: I don`t want to send this guitar to the shop, I want to the job myself. So anyone with tricks and miracles are welcome to speak out...

Doc I don't think everyone's been ignor... -- 5/14/1999 9:31 AM