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Odd Click/Buzz w/Strat

4/18/1997 5:59 AM
Chris Coleman
Odd Click/Buzz w/Strat
I've got a strat which I don't think you can call a strat anymore, I've had the thing modded toeath. Anyhow- I just got it set up again, but this time, when I got it back, I noticed increased hum with the single coil pickups. Now listen, I'm no idiot, I know that this is completely normal, BUT I'd never heard THIS buzz before. it's a kind of click/buzz, almost sounds like the Predator, if you know what I mean. This especially happens with my neck pickup. BUT - here's the kicker and what totally stumped me: The buzz is at it's loudest when the guitar is in playing position (perpedicular to the ground), but it's virtually non-existent when I lay it flat on my lap (parallel to the ground)!!! Can anyone please tell me what's going on inside my guitar?

Mark Hammer I can only come up with a few ideas... -- 5/12/1997 1:15 PM