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Volume pedal, Need more treble

9/18/1998 8:01 AM
mark g
Volume pedal, Need more treble
I have changed pots in my volume pedal (Boss VF50L). The original pot was real cheezy and craped out. The original value was 20K linear. I have replace it with a 25K L. The problem now is I have lost my high end. I don't fully understand the principles using caps and/or pot values. Can anyone suggest a cap value to use to bring back the treble lost? Or should I be useing a different value pot? From the original guts the cap (unmarked) goes between the + input and the + output, am I correct? If you can answer my questions or lead me to a website It would be apreciated. It's a little easier than trial and error with values.  
mark g

Mark Hammer Um, 20k is *awfully* low to use as ... -- 9/18/1998 1:00 PM