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Re: electro harmonix The Clone Theory- Help

4/20/1998 8:54 PM
mark g
Re: electro harmonix The Clone Theory- Help
The clone theory does 3 functions, chorus, flange and vibrato. Outboard it has a bypass switch and one dpdt switch which changes between the chorus/flange voicing. there are 3 pots: 1st is from chorus/flange to vibrato (color), 2nd is rate, and 3rd is depth. It is AC only-no battery.  
As for the hum, it's a problem that the AC is not filtered as good as it could be (like a bad wallwart). It does have a MN3007 chip, CD4047BE RCA927, MC1458P, and RC4558N CO24. If one of these chips were bad, would I still here the effect in the background? When you change the pots (outboard) You can hear the effect changing (depth,rate and color) basically the pedal noise while sitting idle. I have seen a lot of EH schematics around but none for the clone theory. I haven't had alot of spare time yet to dig deeper but it looks like I'll have to. You've given me a lot of good info so far and I've got a better understanding of the pedal.  
mark g

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