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Re: Alignment proceedure for EH Deluxe Memory Man

2/19/1998 1:01 PM
Jack Orman
Re: Alignment proceedure for EH Deluxe Memory Man
I'm writing this from memory so I may be off base, but as I recall the trimmers control bias level to the input and clock cancel on the output.  
The best setup is done with an o-scope. Monitor the output of the SAD and feed a tri wave into the input until the signal clips slightly. Adjust the bias pot for symmetrical clipping. This can be done by ear by adjusting the bias pot until the sound has the least distortion, then boost the signal slightly and tweak the pot again.  
The clock cancel trimmer is adjusted to show the thinnest output trace from the SAD chip on the scope. To adjust by ear, crank up the amp volume with no input and listen for a very high freq clock feedthrough. Adjust the trimmer until it is minimized.  
Hope this gets you started.  
regards, Jack

Anders Westerberg GREAT!Thanks a lot for your... -- 2/19/1998 3:17 PM