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Re: Guitar signal splitter box

2/26/1999 8:38 AM
Re: Guitar signal splitter box
There is another variant of the splitter that uses transformers to make the outputs completely independent. The differential opamp version will cure hums up to the common mode range of the opamps, probably about 4V with a 9V battery supply. That may be enough if your amps have little leakage and are running from the same power outlet and phase.  
If the amps have leakage problems (that is, they are "vintage" two wire and have some minor problems) then you'll have much worse than 4V of AC leakage. In that case you'll have to go with the transformers.  
I either have posted or will post (have to look, memory is failing me) a schemo for the transformer isolated version.

R.G. Memory did fail me, it wasn't there... -- 2/26/1999 9:40 AM