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Choosing a wah circuit

11/28/1998 10:09 AM
Choosing a wah circuit
I built a vox wah clone from the schematic found on Justin Philpots site and haven't been to impressed. When playing clean it sounds OK, but lacks that funky little growl I liked from a Dunlop reissue I had borrowed a few years back, not to mention the lack of sweep range when I would play it before a distorted amp. I keep hearing about how people like the original circuits better, but the one I made does not evoke the Jimi or Cream tones I was looking for, especially when playing dirty. Is the newer circuit more adapted to playing with distortion and what about that Dunlop Hendrix wah circuit on Philpotts site, is that the sound I'm looking for? Could my inductors also  
be at fault, I'm using 4 of those 150mH inductors from Mouser in series. Other from that the parts are pretty much all similar.

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