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Re: Fender Vibratone ?'s and mods

2/25/1998 2:03 PM
pascalRe: Fender Vibratone ?'s and mods
Here`s what I`ve read about the Vibratone. This is a more compact version of the rotating speaker that Hammond used for thier organs. The cylinder above the speaker is a styrofoam horn that rotates rapidly creating the Leslie sound. The foot switch controls the speed of the cylinder and turns the effect on and off. This is not an effect like what we are used to, as it is essentially a special speaker cabinet. I you have not seen one, it is about the size and weight of a medium combo amp. The speaker in line is for the signal from the amp, while the out line is when the Vibratone is bypassed, and the signal is directed to the amp`s regular speakers. One of the more noted users of the Vibratone was Stevie Ray Vaughan. He used one of his Vibroverbs to power the rotating speaker and a good example of the sounds produced can be heard on ``Cold Shot``.