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Re: Possible source of JRC4558D

1/30/1998 1:26 PM
John GreeneRe: Possible source of JRC4558D
The date code of the JRC4558D in your modified TS-9 is probably 7547'B' instead of '8'. Which coincidentally is the 'exact' same date code as the 10 IC's I bought from Mouser Electronics last month.  
This is good stuff, if we can keep getting people to look at their old pedals we can further establish the vintage of JRC's. So far I'm seeing the DD as one indication and the absence of a letter at the end of the date code as another.  

Greg So the ones AnalogMan (Mike) (whate... -- 1/30/1998 1:52 PM
Bjorn Yes, you are right the date code is... -- 1/31/1998 3:31 AM