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Re: messing up the big muff

1/8/1998 9:51 AM
Re: messing up the big muff
- It changes the gain of each stage down by 33%.  
- It changes the bias point of the stage by some  
amount, probably not crucial.  
First, find out whether you did indeed wire it up correctly. If you did, use a multimeter to check the voltages on all pins of all transistors. You should find for each stage that the emitters are the lowest voltage, the base 0.5 to 0.7V above the emitters, and the collectors the highest voltage. The collectors should be at least 2.5, preferably  
3 to 4 volts above the emitters in all cases. If the voltages are not pretty close to these, you have a biasing problem, either wrong components, wrong wiring, bad coupling capacitor, or soldering problems (shorts or opens) that are keeping the thing from working.