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Re: Buzz Feiten Speaker Cabs

1/24/1999 10:37 PM
Dan Dissault
Re: Buzz Feiten Speaker Cabs
Richard, if possible, I would like to hear more about your Buzz Feiten 2X12 cabs. I spoke with Bill from Guitar Traditions(music store in Santa Monica) He called Buzz for me to find out the availability status. Apparently, they are no longer in production and no suggestions were given as to where I might look to buy one. I am even thinking about trying to build one myself using the stats from a published review(April '96 Guitar Player) They include dimentions, materials, interior coatings and acoustic prep, etc.  
I'd be curious to hear more specifics on the "phasing problems" and why they would abandon the front/rear loading approach that seemed to be a big part of why they sounded so good.  
What speakers are in yours?  
Are your cab's dimentions 21"x 24"x 11.5" (HWD) ? How do they sound compared to other cabs you've tried? What amp and guitar do you use them with?  
I would greatly appreciate any and all additional information. Thanks!  
Dan Dissault