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Re: speakercabs

12/29/1998 10:12 PM
Dan Dissault
Re: speakercabs
Thanks for the Sundown tips. I bought mine about 8 months ago. It was on consignment. Absolute mint for $300! I was attracted by the clean tone, versatile design features and built like a tank. Mondo transformer!  
Anyway, "just okay" was a poor choice of words. I currently have but one guitar and it's a bright sounding strat that tends to get a bit "edgy" with most amps. I think my Sundown will sound great with the Don Grosh w'PAFs that I intend to acquire soon. I did recently find the perfect amp for the strat. It's a Bruno Underground 30 w/reverb I guess that certain guitars can sound best with certain amps.  
You are right about Dennis. When I got the Sundown, I called him. Great guy! We talked for 45 minutes! He gave me a bunch of cool settings and mailed me a manual.  
Thanks again Steve