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Re: speakercabs

12/28/1998 10:04 PM
Dan Dissault
Re: speakercabs
Bruce, thanks for your feedback. I will humbly admit that I have not yet heard a Jensen C12N. I take it that it's one of the "holy grails" of guitar speakers, yes?  
I would very much like to have you describe in your words the overall sound/response characteristics of the C12N(that makes it so desirable) and what you've heard from your peers concerning the "success" of Jensen's new reissue "splash". Also, specifically what in your mind are the pros and cons of the latest SD50?  
I've heard mixed reviews of Kendrick's stuff in general. Gerald's such a salesman that it's hard to separate fact from hype. Thoughts on that?  
Currently my only experience with 12's are my two Mesa "cubes". One is the exact Thiele/EV12 that you mentioned along with it's "companion" a half openback 90watt Black Shadow Celestion. I like them. I find them to be different but complimentary. Hey Bruce, what do you know about Matchless speaker mods? I'm really curious.